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Stellar! SP Maple Wood Drum Hoops

Stellar! SP Series Wood Drum Hoops (formerly known as Stellar! 32Ply-Hoops)

Similar in appearance to many of the mass produced wood drum hoops currently on the market (such as Yamaha wood hoops, Gibraltar wood hoops, PDP wood hoops) but with many more options, and Stellar! wood hoops are hand-crafted just for you, one hoop at a time- to your preference. These wood hoops are constructed from extremely durable Hard Maple and all models are available for snares, toms, floor toms, and bass drums.

Our SP Series includes the following versions-

      • SP-  This is the standard full Maple hoop, with slightly rounded edges and an inset cut that the drum head sits in.
          • SPS- The SPS hoop has an all Maple construction, and comes with a contoured outer profile, revealing the tension rod heads from the side view. The sound or strength does not change- but it does offer a lighter, more elegant look to the hoop if you prefer a less boxy visual.
            • SPV- This is our Vintage SP model, the hoop is a shortened version of the SP that does not cover the drum heads metal ring from the side view.  The SPV hoops retain the same great strength, and offer a slightly more open sound.  If your looking to save a buck without sacrificing quality this is definitely your hoop!
              Options Include
              • Choice of contoured shaping,full hoop, or Vintage (SP=non-shaped, SPS=shaped, SPV= shorter vintage model)
              • Available for snares, toms, floor toms, and bass drums (if you do not see the size/configuration that you need please contact us for a quote)
              • Custom hole count for any lug configuration you may need
              • Custom notching for floor tom legs to align with your particular drum
              • Hoops come standard with natural wood finish, if you would like to add a finish yourself just leave us a note in checkout
              • Hoops are custom made to order, please allow 1-2 weeks to build
              • If you desire a higher level of customization please visit the "custom shop" page or contact us

              Reliability, a great price, and a warm full bodied tone- the true workhorse of wood hoops that will hold up and take a beating while giving your drums a “stellar” appearance-

              Choose your SP wood hoop style below to select options and purchase-